Is Nation One News, Real?

Yes! Yes, we are. Nation One news is a national news outlet focusing on issues important to the citizens of the United States. We are based in North Texas with a presence is most major cities in the United States.

We have written several articles that have gone viral and noticed an increasing number of searches to determine if we are a “real news” site. That is why we created this page.

We are real, and we do NOT produce Satire. Satire is NOT news; it is misleading, and we do not produce any Satire. If you want Satire; go somewhere else. Real News is what we produce nothing more and nothing less.

We do publish OPINION and Analysis Articles. These articles often include the opinion of the contributor or analyst. Views of OPINION and Analysis articles do not necessarily represent the views of Nation One News.

We try our best to bring news that matter to you as unbiased as possible. We admit that some of our writers tend to lean left or right. Human nature is what it is, but we do require our writers to present the facts first and adhere to certain basic journalistic standards. The real news isn’t always what people want to hear, but the real news is what we produce.

So, If someone asks you if Nation One News is “Real News” you know the answer. Yes, Nation One News is a real news company.

Some may not like the TRUTH but that is exactly what we strive to deliver to our reading audience.