Members of the White House press corps already have a hard relationship with the Trump administration due to their lack of factual reporting but this just stops the cake.

A Twitter account that is run by a reporter under the name of William Meo has posted confidential briefings against ethical guidelines set by both the White House and the White House Correspondents Association.

You will hear members of the media refer to a source as a “Senior White House Official.” This is because when a briefing is conducted on the background it has been done with the purpose of providing the reporter with information for a story they might be writing.

Last week the White House held an off the record non-reportable briefing. The guidance sent out the by the White House press office clearly states.

Even though the briefing was off the record that did not stop this reporter from recording it and posting it on Twitter. Not only is it against ethics agreed upon with reporters but it is potentially illegal as it was recorded on White House property without permission.

You can view the tweet here: