This morning at Santa Fe high school an active shooter opened fire on a group of students. There’s been a lot of debate going on with regards to gun control and lots of different organizations like to have their say but it’s becoming amazingly clear that people don’t care about the dead students.

Conservative organization Turning Point USA staff member Driena Sixto Was one of many conservative activists to post on Facebook attacking liberal activists for their stance on gun control. This statement comes from a member of the Turning Point staff before the local law enforcement, federal agencies, and the executive branch had a chance to make a formal statement and is already acting on information that has not been provided.

When confronted by students She initially deleted her comments before reposting them on Facebook and doubling down on them attacking students.

Not Turning Point USA was founded on wanting to bring people from high school and colleges to be in politics. Candace Owens who serves as the Director of communications for the organization has been encouraging people to be independent thinkers.

This staffer has now attacked students who were vulnerable during a time of crisis before the bodies of their friends or even cold. Without giving any record or assistance the staff member blatantly attacked students for having their viewpoints and for being independent thinkers.

If nothing else the organization owes the students an apology for acting too soon to attack them.

It’s sad.