Facebook has been in the spotlight recently for its situation regarding Cambridge Analytica but this is not the first time that Facebook has engaged in politics. They have a history of going into politics including creating a Facebook superpac that donates to candidates. Both Democrats and Republicans benefitted.

This has continued to the incoming 2018 election cycle with Facebook already donating to key candidates. The fear to be had is whether or not a fair and clean investigation into Facebook can be had by Congress. If Congress can’t complete a fair and unbiased investigation there is a clear problem.

By donating to both Republicans and Democrats the company has shown that it doesn’t actually stand for anything. This shows they are spending money for favors. The expectations that campaign money can then be used to manipulate Congress is not good.

It had been requested that Mark Zuckerberg appear before Congress but today the Chief Executive Officer declined Congress’ request. UK’s parliamentary had requested him to speak and he declined but said he would send two senior members of Facebook’s executive staff. Zuckerberg showed that he does NOT intend to be held personally accountable for his actions. He will continue to lay it off on his staff.

Here is the list of Democrats and Republicans accepting money from Facebook:


In 2016, John Podesta who served as the Hillary for America campaign chair emailed Sheryl Sandberg who serves as Facebooks Chief Operating Officer telling her “Look forward to working with you to elect the first woman President of the United States.”

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