This week Brittany Pettibone, Marten Sellner, and Lauren Southern were detained by British authorities and questioned. You might be wondering for what reason and the reason that was given was terrorism. Yes, you read correctly, terrorism! Now, you must be asking: what two journalists and an Austrian activist did to get detained for terrorism? Well, here’s why:

Brittney Pettibone was detained because she was going to interview Tommy Robinson, a reporter for Rebel Media and a criticizer of Islam and the current status of the UK, and also labeled as an “Alt-Right leader” by the UK authorities.

Marten Sellner was also taken in because he was supposed to be speaking about freedom of speech at Speakers Corner a place was multiple controversial speakers have spoken freely.

The interview between Brittney, Marten, and Tommy after the ordeal:

Lauren Southern arrived later to see both Brittney and Marten but was taken into the custody because of some controversial things she did in the past when she and others did a social experiment and handed out flyers that said “Allah is gay”, and pretended to be left-leaning political activists.

“10:49 to 11:06”

Truly, England has their priorities in the right place! After all, this is a country which houses 25,000 extremists, with an increasing amount in terrorist acts done on a daily basis, and an increase in criminal activity. Obviously, these three “evil people” needed to be stopped from their reign of terror for the peace sake, England has done so well, to preserve.