Woman Who Claims She Was Fired For Having Concealed Carry Has History Of Multiple Felonies And Bipolar Behavior

Chelsea “Storm” Durham is not a conservative. Records show a person with the same exact name was arrested. If accurate, she is also a criminal. According to Chesapeake Circuit – Criminal Division records Durham was arrested on two separate felony charges. The case numbers are CR12001604-00 and CR12001604-01.

Chelsea “Storm” Durham has become very newsworthy very fast by the conservative movement there is just one problem she is not conservative. In the 2016 election cycle, she supported Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. According to her Oydessey Blog, she says “I developed views for a Democrat, yes.” She supported both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Outside of her political views, Chelsea has written about how she is and has been blamed as the “victim.” Durham has a history of relationship problems as seen through her articles.

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What do you think? Criminal or Victim?