Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Jews may be behind alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election

Putin was asked by NBC’s Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News Channel, whether he turned a blind eye to the recent indictment laid out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that charged 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities with conspiracy to defraud the United States.

“Maybe they are not even Russians but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked; maybe they have dual citizenship of a green card; maybe the U.S. paid them for this. How can you know that? I do not know either,” Putin said through a translator.

“It’s all the same to me. To me it absolutely makes no difference because they do not represent the government,” he added.

Ksenia Svetlova, a Russia native turned Israeli-politician, called on the Israeli government to condemn Putin’s comments.

“Maybe the Jews meddled in the U.S. elections. Maybe the Jews rule the world; maybe the Jews slaughtered Jews in Poland – all of these claims have one root cause – a hatred of Jews,” Svetlova said.

Putin also told Kelly that Russia does not have the tools nor the interest in meddling in other nations’ elections.

“First, we have principles whereby we do not allow others to interfere in our domestic affairs and do not get into the affairs of others,” Putin said. Secondly, we don’t have this quantity of tools.”