Russian President Vladimir Putin told NBC’s Megyn Kelly in her second exclusive interview with the leader that President Donald Trump “clearly has leadership qualities,” but Kelly, with a rather questioning facial expression, brought up Twitter.

“Do you ever read his tweets?” Kelly questioned.

“Nyet (no),” Putin said through a translator.”

“Do you ever tweet?” Kelly followed.

“Nyet (no),” Putin said again.

“I have other ways of expressing my point of view or implementing a decision,” he added. “Donald is a more modern individual.”

Kelly said Saturday that she believes Putin “has something” on Trump.

“I would not say that Putin likes Trump,” she said. “I did not glean that at all from him. I did glean that perhaps he has something on Donald Trump.”

“I think there’s a very good chance Putin knows some things about Donald Trump that Mr. Trump does not want repeated publicly,” she added.

But given Kelly’s clear lack of knowledge on cybersecurity, as she demonstrated in her first interview with Putin, don’t expect her speculation to go much further than speculation.