Dear CNN,

On the subject of gun control and the NRA.  The subject of gun control is most current in the fabric of our society at this point.  I am a US Citizen by birth, my father and mother allowed us a children learn how to shoot rifles starting with BB guns and moving up to high powered rifles.  The NRA then and to this day requires that and supplies courses on how to be proficient and handle any gun but specifically rifles for hunting.  Only after showing proficiency through the hunter safety course through the NRA does one get their hunting license.   My question or point is why can’t we require the same of anyone buying a gun.  Make it a branch of the FBI, ie. gun education and certification.  This arm of the Federal government could have an education criteria of evaluation and education of each gun purchaser.  Upon certification the gun buyer would take to the gun seller their certification to purchase the gun.  Each purchase would have to be certified.  The NRA supports this for hunting why not for gun ownership?  I will be forwarding this to my Federal representatives.  Please introduce the to public commentary so that it could be part of the mix.

Thank you,


Sheri Jean Rossi de Guevara