Located just a block away from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC —  The J. Edgar Hoover Building has needed to be demolished for quite some time, according to officials.

“Crumbling facades, aging infrastructure, physical, structural and security limitations in the degraded facility all are severely impeding the FBI’s ability to meet its critical law enforcement and national security missions,” the GSA explained in a statement. “The work of the FBI requires a modern and secure headquarters with technology and equipment to support the men and women of the FBI who are dedicated to keeping our country safe.”

The Trump Administration’s plan abandons a decade-long plan to build a new FBI headquarters in Maryland or Virginia.

The new plans were revealed Monday leaving FBI experts and members of Congress stunned.

“This sudden and unexpected decision by the Trump Administration raises serious questions about what or who could have motivated such a decision,” said House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.).

“Why the Trump Administration would so suddenly forgo years of study that led to careful recommendations — not to mention the millions of dollars spent in the effort to move the Bureau’s headquarters — is beyond astounding, and quite frankly, extremely alarming,” Hoyer said in a statement.  He has also called for Congress to reject the plan.