When you attend the University of Texas freedom and liberty do not apply. A representative from the Leadership Institutes field representative program went to the school with a huge free speech ball to show students they have the right to free speech.

The program was in support of the schools Young American’s for Liberty chapter.  Young Americans for Liberty is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization promoting the foundations of liberty. They are lovers of liberty.

A member of the administration specifically from the Dean of Student’s office told the representative that the Young American’s for Liberty chapter status had been revoked, that he would need to leave, and if they saw him again he would be escorted off campus by the campus police.

The administration official, Allison Calder, could not give a reason as to why the organization had been revoked but said: “it is usually due to behavior problems.” She named off a list of things students have to do to be allowed to invoke their constitutional right to free speech on a public campus.