Though you may have never heard of Linda Sarsour, she’s one of the most outspoken and influential progressive activists in the country. Remember the Women’s March right after Donald Trump was inaugurated? Sarsour was one of the main organizers.

And now Sarsour is letting Fox “News” host Tucker Carlson have it for his remarks recently regarding something she said. Specifically, Sarsour criticized Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for reaching a budget deal with the White House that didn’t solve the issue of protections for young immigrants under DACA.

On is nightly borefest, Carlson said Sarsour, who is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, should be “grateful for the opportunities this country has given her family. And in a particularly nasty note, Carlson added:

“She hates our country and the people who founded it.”

During an appearance on Dean Obeidallah’s radio show, Sarsour lit into Carlson:

“I can’t believe this type of television people have access to. What Fox News is really good at is taking pieces out of context.

“I am a daughter of Palestinian immigrants – so Tucker was paraphrasing what I said. I don’t take this country for granted as a daughter of Palestinian immigrants who were given opportunities and I was given opportunities I would not have otherwise had.”

But it was what Sarsour said next that Carlson and his fellow right-wing propagandists at Fox need to hear most:

“People are living in dreadful fear in this country, it’s not okay, and I don’t give a damn what Tucker Carlson thinks about it. I don’t think it’s okay and I’m going to speak my mind in this country whether he likes it or not.”

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and their ilk are a big part of why Donald Trump is currently in a position to terrorize people and destroy the foundations of our democracy. They are complicit in his actions and offer nothing more than a nightly injection of hatred into the already toxic atmosphere emanating from the Oval Office.