Earlier this morning Senior White House Officials were scheduled to hold a call with members of the media. The call was originally scheduled 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, however, technology issues quickly delayed the call.

No one could hear what members of the White House staff because all of the 200+ news organization phone lines were unmuted. You could hear members of different media organizations talking on the lines.

As the problem continued many members of the media made degrading comments. The comment that stood out the most was “this white house can’t even run a f**king conference call right. The reason this is so important is that many members of the media criticized President Trump yesterday for his comments regarding “s**t hole countries.”

Other comments included impersonation. Somebody else on the call said “hello this is state dept can you make this line the host.” The reason we know this person was not a member of the State Department was because there was not anyone from the State Department on the call.

The final set or sarcastic remarks was a member of the media taking a jab at North Korea. The comment made was “this is Kim Jong Un calling for President Trump.” During all of this drama, another member of the media kept telling everyone “for the last time mute your phones.”

After the technology issue was fixed members of the president’s senior staff joined the call and continued the briefing. Questions were not taken due to the delay caused by the problem.