Accused bomber Akayed Ullah pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges that he detonated an explosive device in the failed pipe bombing of the New York subway system.

Ullah, the only person seriously injured in the failed Dec. 11 attacks, entered the plea after he was indicted a day earlier on charges he provided material support to a terrorist organization and used a weapon of mass destruction.

Ullah, who taunted President Donald Trump on Facebook hours before the attack, is facing a six-count indictment in Manhattan Federal Court for his alleged role in the early morning blast.

“Trump, you failed to protect your nation,” Ullah wrote alongside a note that pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, federal prosecutors have alleged.

Prosecutors say Ullah, 27, a onetime cab driver, wanted to kill as many victims as possible to avenge U.S. aggression toward ISIS.

However, the only person he injured, was himself, as the pipe bomb never fully exploded.