Dolores Testerman is a resident of the State of Arizona. She expressed her grave concern about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to Congresswoman Martha McSally. After expressing her concerns about this McSally sent a letter confirming her worst fears. McSally was advocating for these illegal’s to be allowed to stay in this country.

McSally says that the congresswoman supported a bill that would not allow federal officials to apprehend those that are in this country illegally.

She goes on to say that she “proudly co-sponsored H.R. 1468.” This is a bill that would allow these illegal aliens to stay in this country.

McSally is expected to announce her candidacy for United States Senate on Friday. As a member of the establishment, she is unfavored in Arizona.

Testerman after getting the response has indicated that she will vote for Dr. Kelli Ward for United States Senate. Dr. Kelli Ward has continued to support President Trump’s agenda of building the wall. Ward also holds a strong stance against illegal immigrants in this country.

You can read the full letter below: