Too Little Too Late – How the Boy Scouts Botched the Bid For Social Change, and destroyed a National Treasure in the process!

In 2011 I was the Scoutmaster of Troop 238 chartered by the Climax Church of Christ in Princeton, Texas. I was also a Unit Commissioner and a District Committee Member.

At the time I did something very few others did. I worked with other leaders and community members to create a Co-Ed Venture Crew. Venture Crew 238 came into existence out of a need. A need for a program that would allow not only boys but also girls the benefit of a character based program that was strongly centered around Christ.

That is exactly what we did. For two years we did a lot. Camped, shot skeet and trap, fished, hiked, and even made a few smores, oh yeah and built character and values while the kids weren’t looking. šŸ˜‰

I advocated for the Boy Scouts to lower the age of the Venture Program. The Girl Scouts of America had long been hijacked by militant gay rights activists and had rejected God. The Girl Scouts program was and to this day is still infected with far left leaning political messaging. Planned Parenthood loves the Girl Scouts!

At the time the Boy Scouts were immune from politics. I had a daughter who would have greatly benefited from Venturing. She was a Venture Scout for just about two years.

Then all hell broke loose, literally. In 2013, the devil got his hands on the Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts of America. Those same gay rights activists had their eye on the Boy Scouts of America.

It all seemed to stem around one Supreme Court Justice. The idea? Get the Boy Scouts to change their policy and sway the one Justice needed to legalize Gay Marriage.

The militants managed to infiltrate the Boy Scouts at the highest levels. One of them, Randall Stephenson advocated for the inclusion of Sex and Politics into the program. One has to wonder why…

In the end, they got their way. As a result, the Boy Scouts of America are on a collision course with oblivion. Millions of volunteer man-hours and billions of dollar have been donated over the last one hundred years, and it will only takeĀ about fifteen more years to completely destroy it all. ThanksĀ to a room full over of overeducated idiots who got played by the militant left!

If only they had listened!!! The rest of the world was already Co-Ed!!!

All they had to do back then was make the Boy Scouts of America the Scouts of America. Then no one would have cared about the “gay issue.” The program would have been co-ed. The co-ed Youth Protection rules would have protected any Scout, but what do I know? I’m just a dumb uneducated father of three and husband of twenty years. I don’t have one of those two hundred thousand dollarĀ wall hangers with a title of Master or Doctor!

Today the Boy Scouts of America announced that they are going to let girls into the program. Sorry, too little, too late. You should have made Scouts Co-Ed before you allowed it be used for the political purposes of the left.

You should have made Scouts Co-Ed before you allowed the liberals to hijack an American Treasure. We all know why you are doing it now. It’s all about the money!!! We wouldn’t want those overpaid, overeducated, idiots to go without their retirement, would we?

I said when I left the Boy Scouts, I would not return until every single Executive who had a handĀ in its destruction is gone. It will be a very long time before I set foot at any Scout event!

The sad part is, the Scouts won’t even be around by the time Tiger Cubs that are just starting off are trying to earn their Eagle. It will be a sad memory just like a bad investment. I wish I could get all the money and time back that those overeducated idiots got from me.

There are a lot better things to spend my money on, besides social re-engineering to the benefit of a few militant leftists!