The image is photo-shopped, but Veterans agree, it is an accurate metaphor for what the NFL is doing to America.

A post was shared on a Facebook Page called Veterans for Donald Trump. That post was a MEME or an image put together using two separate images. It went completely viral. It was shared over 10,000 times.

It was fake, at least in the technical sense. However, Veterans across America agree, “the image was an accurate metaphor for what the NFL is doing to America.”

We contacted over one hundred Veterans service organizations, veterans, and active duty military who follow us. ALL of them answered “Yes,” when we asked the question:

“In reference to the Meme that went viral, of the Seattle Seahawks holding a burning American flag, even though the image is fake, do you feel it is an accurate metaphor for the current NFL situation.”

We will say it again. Every single Veteran said resoundingly:


Many of those we spoke with, added additional comments telling us they didn’t find it hard to believe.

Memes like this go viral because they are easy to believe, social media experts tell us.

“Fake News and Memes like this often do very well on social media when people find them easy to believe.”

In other words, at least 10,000 Americans believe it is possible that an NFL team would allow its members to burn a flag in the locker room. Even more commented, or reacted to posts that included the image. Our research found that over 2 million people engaged with the image on Facebook alone.

The outrage is very real.

The outrage surrounding the NFL’s “blatant disregard for American values” runs deep in America especially with Veterans, many of whom have put their lives on the line for the United States of America.

Many NFL players are violating the NFL’s policy by taking a knee during the National Anthem.

The NFL recently announced its desire to resolve this issue. A veteran told us:

“We can only hope the NFL will consider the feeling of over 21 million Veterans, over that of a handful of millionaires who have one of America’s dream jobs.”

A few players.

Many NFL Players have told the Media that people are trying to confuse the issue. They say it isn’t about Veterans. They maintain that it is there right and they are trying to draw attention to the “systematic discrimination” against black Americans.

In the end, we will see if these NFL players will pay attention to the people who have fought and died for their freedom, or will they continue to ignore how many veterans feel.

They have the attention of Veterans, what they do with it could define the relationship between Veterans and the NFL for generations to come.