Boy, Stalin would be proud of California, the new RED STATE! God can’t help you, but he might help the rest of us!

California has taken their social war and delusional dream of a communist state to an all new level. We haven’t seen this kind of communism since Stalin, hell for that matter Hitler would be proud too.

The absolute disregard for logic and common sense is eclipsed only by the pure stupidity of a new law that sets out to attack Christians and Conservatives.

The news legislation put together by the California Nazi/Communist Thought Police will allow the government of California to put you in jail. That’s right you can go to jail for calling someone a boy who identifies as a girl, or a girl who identifies as a boy. The insanity in California is beyond reason.

There is only one thing that can explain it. Communism and Nazism are now one in the same! That’s right California is the new RED STATE! If you don’t think like Hollywood, agree with Silicon Valley, and support the destruction of America with unchecked immigration you are a threat to the delusional dreams of a communist/nazi ideology.

The whole idea of gender identity is a bunch of crap cooked up by a group of overeducated idiots who all decided to call themselves “Doctor.” These Doctors and their psychobabble want to the whole world to change to suit a few of their experiments!

These Marxists don’t want you to know that they are at the top of the heap. Once California discards the United States Constitution it won’t be long before public lynchings return to the mainstream and UFC starts including weapons in their fights.

Better not say anything bad about the California government, their Gestapo will make you go away! Or worse… You may find yourself in the ring with a 400-pound brute who gets his freedom after he snaps your neck!

But what do I know, I’m just a Texan that WILL DIE GUNS BLAZING before I let some idiot in a suit take my freedom. The value of being willing to die for your freedom has long been lost in California, the lost and dying state. Poisoned by their own unwillingness to look at the facts, and their laziness and willingness to let the nonsense continue!

There is no hope for California, I have washed my hands! All we can do now is pray to God that he destroys the entire state with a massive earthquake before they destroy us all!

Yes, I mean every word. What are you going to do California, arrest me? I dare you to try, but remember this! All a poor white man from Texas really has, is his word, and I keep my word or I will die trying…

It isn’t me or Christians you have to worry about. After all, Christians don’t believe in violence except in self-defense, unless of course, it’s an act of God, then, well, you are on your own… The only real threat in this entire article isn’t really a threat at all. I mean it when I say I will pray to God asking him to destroy you, and that is a right that is still protected in Texas!

Why don’t you go take a knee and show me how much you protest that!!!