Will Russia and China end the Korean War and bring stability to the region?

The United States sent fighting men and women to the Korean peninsula six decades ago. All to stop the advance and drive back the forces from the north. Since then South Korea and North Korea remain locked in a protracted war without a skirmish since the armistice.

The United States never declared war on North Korea and there is no legal obligation for the United States to protect the south. However, South Korea is a beacon of democracy in a part of the world that has a long history of empires and communism.

It has been and seems to remain in the interests of the United States to keep strong ties and relations with South Korea. South Korea is a valuable ally to the United States and Japan. Any conflict with North Korea could end with millions dead and South Korea in ruins.

A conflict in the region could also threaten Japan, who has been a strong ally of the United States since the end of World War II. A regional conflict would almost escalate into a global conflict.


This is where China comes into the discussion. For nearly six decades China has acted as a backstop for North Korea. China has resources of all types at its disposal making them an enemy that would be very costly to defeat.

A war with China could only end in an all-out nuclear war with hundred of millions and possibly billions dead around the world.

There is one thing the Kim Jong Un regime has overlooked, and it could be the end of his regime if he makes one more bad move. While China has a treaty with North Korea for their mutual defense, that treaty clearly states that both parties must protect the peace.

In a recent report by the Straight Times:

“China is not obliged to help defend North Korea as the latter’s development of nuclear weapons has breached a mutual defense pact, Chinese diplomatic and military observers told the South China Morning Post”

China has long maintained an interest in its region of the world, in much the same way the United States is protective of what goes on in the Atlantic. With trade partners all over the world, China has an enormous economic interest in maintaining the peace. Of course, the United States would like to see continued peace in the region as well, because of their relationship with South Korea and Japan.

United States

The United States has long seen China as the keepers of North Korea. Early in his Administration President Trump asserted that China needed to do something about the issue. A position he still maintains.

Most recently the President told his Generals “this is like the quiet before the storm.” His comments drew criticism from Main Stream Media pundits who have painted the President as a warmonger.

President Trump recently added to the uncertainty on Saturday, October 7th, when he responded to a question from a reporter who asked about his storm comment. He said:

“Nothing to clarify.”

He was then asked, “what’s the one thing that will work with North Korea?”

The President responded:

“Well, you’ll figure that out pretty soon.”

President Trump’s words give the impressions that something is about to happen, the question remains. What is going to happen.


Russia, like China, shares a border with North Korea. In fact, North Korea is a remnant of the once powerful Soviet Union. Russia also has a heavy economic interest in continued peace. After all, Russia, China, and the United States could destroy the entire world dozens of times over with nuclear weapons.

Russia also has an interest in regional stability because of its trade with China and other countries in the region.

Russia, China, and the United States all agreed to condemn of the latest tests from North Korea. An extremely rare act of cooperation regarding North Korea.

It would seem they are all in agreement. North Korea is disturbing the peace.


That brings me to NATO and the reason that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would love to drag the United States into conflict. Or at least, make the world think he is stupid enough to do it.

If North Korea were to succeed in provoking the United States, all of the NATO allies would be obligated to respond in accordance with Article 5 of the NATO charter. This would pull countries into a conflict that is not in their region of the world. Many of those countries are on less than favorable terms with both China and Russia.

If that were to happen there is only one way the conflict would end. It would end in all-out Nuclear War between every nation in the world.

The End Game

President Trump, Vladimir Putin of Russia, and China’s communist party all know there is only one possible outcome if North Korea succeeds in provoking the United States. An outcome that could leave the entire world a barren wasteland polluted by the remnants of nuclear war.

That leaves only one reasonable way this can end. Kim Jong Un will be stripped of his ability to threaten the United States and by proxy the rest of the world, one way or another.

It is no secret that Russia has been massing its forces on the North Korean border. It was also reported in June that China is doing the same. Recent rumors suggest there is, even more, build up of forces since then, but these are unconfirmed.

President Trump knows there is only one way this ends. Kim Jong Un has overplayed his hand and now North Korea must give up their Nuclear Weapons, or it won’t be the United States attacking from the south, it will be Russia and China coming from the north…

President Trump is planning a trip to visit China in November, this leaves only one remaining question.

Will President Trump be attending a Chinese victory parade or a military strategy and planning meeting?

Who knows, North Korea may simply cease to exist and get divided up between South Korea, China, and Russia. After all, China would love to have the land and access to the coast, Russia would love to have the northern coal mines, and South Korea is running out of room to expand.

Kim Jong Un is playing a very dangerous game with world leaders who want something he has, and now they have an excuse to take it. Who was it that said, “we should have taken the…”

Only a handful of people on the face of the planet have any idea of what is about to happen. “Little Rocket Man” is not one of them.