James Woods Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Hollywood Career

Say it ain’t so Jimmy. We know being one of the few conservatives in Hollywood is a tough job but we need you out there Jimmy… to keep them all in check.

But according to Newsmax, it appears James Woods has had enough of Hollywood and Newsmax is breaking the story that the Oscar-nominated is retiring from the entertainment industry.

The news came in an odd way – it was included in a press release issued by Woods’ real estate agent.

The agent is selling James Woods’ Rhode Island lake house.

Allen Gammons, the real estate agent, said that Woods is 70 and wants to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

And he deserves it if he wants to although he is a Hollywood legend and with what they have passing for actors these days he will be missed.

Gammons went on to say that the deaths of the actor’s brother and mother affected him and he knows now, if not before, how precious time is.

He would rather spend his time pursuing his other passions, like photography, antiquing, and poker.

Gammons went on to say this has nothing to do with Woods fighting Hollywood over his political views.

Woods is the most outspoken of conservatives in Hollywood and because they tend to not like conservatives most stay quiet out of fear over their careers.

But Woods status as an A-list actor and Hollywood legend kept him mostly immune from the backlash.

And if this report is true it is good to see him go out on his terms at the top of his game.

But we all hope he keeps up the commentary and keeps the Hollywood elite in check, like he just did.