Colin Kapernick Appears For Top Secret Photo Shoot, Entire USA Laughs At Weird Outfit (Pic)

Source: Youtube, TMZ

We have been wondering where Colin Kaepernick has been hiding. He has gone dark since other NFL players have taken a knee for him.

It seems that every Sunday someone is mounting a protest with typical ratings tanking results.

According to a new report by TMZ, Colin has been spotted.

On the streets of Harlem yesterday posing with inner city students he has been donating money too.

At least he is putting some of his considerable fortune where his mouth is. He surely could give more if he was serious about his stunt.

As could the other NFL players protesting.

So I will give him points for donating and showing up. Most don’t.

But I gotta ding him for his choice of clothing.

Dude – you are trying way too hard – like the old guy clinging to youth that the young kids mock.

You are a multi-millionaire and it couldn’t hurt to dress like one, rather than trying to impress a few students.

Show them a better example – you know what they say about dressing for success?

It works you should try it, Colin.

According to TMZ he donated $25k to the local DREAM Charter School as part of Colin’s overall $1 million pledge. There has been no other news about his other donations or if he has made them.

He said this on Isntagram of the photo shoot.

“I was in Harlem w @nessnitty having an amazing conversation w/ the freshmen class of Dream. Seeing all of your faces gave me hope and motivation we can make this world a better place. We hope you enjoy your brand new backpacks and are ready for the school year ✊🏾RP @wearedream – A few weeks ago, @kaepernick7 donated 25,000 to DREAM as part of his million dollar pledge. Today, he and @nessnitty stopped by to talk to our founding 9th graders about activism, taking risks, and starting difficult conversations. We’re so grateful to have friends who believe in our youth and their future. #WeAreDREAM”