Joy Behar Gets Viciously Roasted By Insult Comic On Live TV To Celebrate Her 74th Birthday (Video)

Joy Behar turned “The View” on Friday. Of course she did in it public such is her desire to milk her 15 minutes of Trump bashing fame before it goes away.

The show took a surprise twist for the worse as the first special guest came out and roasted Joy Behar in front of a live TV audience.

The special episode of the daytime ABC talk show that seems solely devoted to bashing President Trump these days actually started off taking a few shots, a few well-deserved shots, at the queen of mean Joy Behar herself.

First Joy mocked herself saying with all the food laid out for the celebration, “Just what I wanted: I’m going to put seven pounds on my ass.”

All you have to do is close your mouth Joy. From eating and from bashing Trump and your life will be so much better.

Trust me on that. Or at least the Trump bashing part. It’s a tried act anyway Joy and you should move on to do something else.

According to Gossip Cop, that is when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog showed up and ripped Joy Behar a new one.

And the rest of the witches on “The View” for that matter.

“Thank you bitches for not talking too long,” he said, before ruining Joy by saying that Behar “you look beautiful Joy, you do, you have a certain lunch lady who won the lottery look” and that she has “skin as soft as her interview with Hillary Clinton.”

Not bad and he had a few more digs at Joy ripping her for her lack of movie success before adding that her “breasts have won two SAG Awards.”

Of course they took a few shots at Donald and Melania, saying to Joy,

“You hate Trump but you went to his wedding…who are you Melania.”

They couldn’t resist.

But it wasn’t all bad for Joy. He favorite singer Barry Manilow came out and sang her a few songs.