Joy Behar Should Get Sued For All She’s Worth For What She Just Said About Trump (Video)

The ladies of ‘The View’ were at it again, trying to use Trump for ratings. They are relentless in their Trump bashing and most casual observers say it is strictly out of jealousy.

And ratings – Look Trump gets ratings. So while we cannot forgive their attacks we know they are like catnip to the easily duped liberal audience that watches that show.

“Surrounded by big water, don’t forget,” co-host Joy Behar tried to joke but fell flat on her face about Trump’s comments that because Puerto Rico is an island, it is harder to get aid than with Texas or Florida.

Say what you will but FEMA is dealing with three devastating hurricanes at once. And because of where Puerto Rico is – you know it’s an island in the ocean – it was logistically more complicated.

Nothing wrong with that, unless you are a liberal.

Then Joy reported the false story, Tillerson has denied it, that Rex called Trump a moron and for that hopefully Trump will slap her with one of his lawsuits.

True he has better things to do but when he wasn’t a politician he would have gone after Joy for all the things she is saying about him.

“You know, all I can say is Rex Tillerson, his own Secretary of State called him a moron,” said Behar, citing a false NBC report Tillerson strongly denies. “Do you remember, even Nixon and Kissinger knelt down to pray together? Baker saved George Bush’s presidency. This guy is calling the president a moron; this is what we’re dealing with.”

Then of course Whoopi had to chime in,

“You know, he’s not a fan of his coverage, his reviews for today. He said ‘good day in Puerto Rico yesterday. While some of the news coverage is fake, most show great warmth and friendship,’” Goldberg said before adding, “Sir, it’s on tape. You’re being criticized because what they’re seeing. They’re not making it up. You’re not a cartoon! That’s you throwing towels to people and saying dumb stuff. It’s a little island, man. The worst hurricane anyone has seen come through there and devastated it. Yeah, Katrina was devastating, but you also had a land mass. An island you can’t go — you’re surrounded, man. Come on. Don’t do that.”

Right Whoopi that is why providing aid to the island of Puerto Rico is not as easy as to New Orleans. So give the guy a break for once.

H/T Gossip Cop