“In Search of Liberty”, a movie by IC Liberty Films, warns its viewers about widespread civic ignorance and the ways in which this empowers an ever-growing government.  The movie also seeks to teach viewers about the Constitution in response to this problem.

Instead of making a documentary, however, the filmmakers illustrated the current situation, the importance of the Constitution, and a potential remedy through the story of the Ellis family.

David Ellis becomes increasingly disturbed by events in his community, ripped from the headlines of real events (that have become far too common), that inspire him to research the rights of Americans and wonder how government officials have failed to live up to their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. Despite reading the Constitution, regularly voting, following the news, and even owning a newspaper, David struggles to come to terms with the current state of politics.  From liberal fascists shutting down events to school bans on student prayer, it seems that no one respects the Constitution.

Government Corruption and the Constitution

This relatable story of frustration, a frustration which has led so many younger conservatives to educate themselves and become political activists, is enhanced by the presence of the spirit of Benjamin Franklin who guides David Ellis through history and the articles of the Constitution.

Throughout this story, “In Search of Liberty” takes the viewer on their own journey as the Ellis family follows Benjamin Franklin.  “In Search of Liberty” presents two alternatives to the viewer repeatedly:  Would you prefer to live in a country governed by the system carefully constructed by the Founding Fathers or allow politicians of each generation to rewrite the rules in their favor?

This message addresses both the threat of government corruption and radical change, repeatedly referencing the importance of the separation of powers and government accountability.  “In Search of Liberty” mentions government favors and pork alongside our country’s massive $20 Trillion debt, which will continue to grow until Congress ceases to create massive budget deficits every year.  Benjamin Franklin tries to tackle public indifference to both this growing debt and the role of politicians who sustain or increase government spending.  He emphasizes that this debt will not fall on the shoulders of men like David Ellis, but upon his children and grandchildren.

The Civic Duty of Americans

“In Search of Liberty” pushes every American, just as Franklin encourages David Ellis, to remember that everyone who is aware of this problem must play a role in addressing it.  The critical step towards activism for David and all Americans is the simple realization: If not me then who?  While not all Americans vote or watch the news, David realizes that he must do more to be truly informed and to make a difference.  Franklin and the film call for increased study of the Constitution.  They call for the defeat of politicians, at the federal, state, and local level, who do not understand or value the Constitution.

Many Americans may cry out that they “want normal” in the face of these unsettling discoveries and unwanted civic burdens, just as David’s wife Laurie shouts after meeting the spirit of Benjamin Franklin.  Yet many who watch this movie will decide that they want to learn more about the document that guarantees their right to hold events, defy political correctness, pray in schools as in Congress, carry guns, and live their faith.