Miss Texas attacked President Trump, now her secret is coming out and Texans want her crown back.

It isn’t every day that someone is given the honor to represent a state. This year that honor went to Margana Wood who attended the Miss America Pageant to represent the state of Texas.

She recently graduated from the ultra liberal University of Texas at Austin. Her Liberal bias and ignorance of the events that unfolded in Charlottesville were on full display during the Miss America pageant on September 10, 2017.

In a question clearly rigged to give her a chance to attack the President the announcer asked:

“Last month a demonstration of neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK, in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent, and a counter protestor was killed. The President said there was shared blame with quote very fine people on both sides. Where there? Tell me yes or no, and explain your answer.”

She didn’t even answer the question when she said:

“I think that the white supremacist issue, it was very obvious, it was a terrorist attack, and I think that President Donald Trump should have made a statement earlier addressing the fact and making sure all Americans feel safe in this country, that is the number one issue right now!”

Margana Wood ignored the fact that there were some people at the demonstration who simply wanted to protect America’s heritage.

She ignored the fact that the rally was organized by a Liberal Extremist Obama Supporter who infiltrated the Right and was pretending to be a Conservative.

She ignored the fact that President Trump made several statements about the issue, and did condemn all violence.

She ignored the fact that many Americans feel unsafe as their history is being torn down by angry mobs of people who think just like she does.

She ignored the fact that the man who rammed his car into the crowd had documented mental health issues.

She didn’t even answer the question!

She ignored the facts and used her one chance to become Miss America to attack President Trump.

She did not win the Miss America Pageant!

Some have said, “Thank God she didn’t win!”

Others in Texas are calling for her to be removed as Miss Texas for her callous, crude and ignorant remarks.

The truth about this terse liberal idiot is this. She doesn’t even want to be in the United States. We know this because she admitted as much. Her Secret is out, and Texans are not happy about it.

On the Official Miss America Pageant website, she says her “Secret Dream or Wish” is that:

“I have secretly always wanted to live in another country.”


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Trump won the election because he had an agenda that made sense Make America Great Again. He has already accomplished some of his goals even with the fake news media which shows a bias of 91% unfavorable to 9% positive and if that is not bias I do not know what is. Trump also has to contend with the democrats and the rhinos in his own party that try their level best to thwart his agenda at every turn. The republicans that are paid under the table include Paul Ryan,John McCain,Lindsey Graham,Jeb Bush,Carly Fiorina and John Kasich this was brought… Read more »

while i agree fake mainstream media is biased, i rather believe their bias is intentional deceit and they should go to prison for such deception being foisted on the public at large. they have a responsibility to report facts so when they merely exist to deceive hundreds of millions of people to billions even, across the globe, then they have moved beyond any right to spew forth deceit and into the realm of justice to be served.

It is too bad because of the never ending fake news that some people have to rely on or are very much to the left in their thinking patterns that Trump is not acknowledged for the great amount of good he has already done and expects to do even more to forward the agenda the American people who voted him into office actually recognize as saving America from becoming another third world order gobbled up by the globalist approach to every thing. Give credit where credit is due this man knows more about making good deals for America then any… Read more »

Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS!
President Trump is the best president ever and and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! MAGA, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

A typical idiot. Remove the crown from this disgusting retarded bitch.

Bye Ms Wood. Know what happens when you put Communists (BLM) and Fascists (ANTIFA) together? VIOLENCE!
The ONLY thing ANTIFA stole from the Communists in Nazi Germany was their symbol. They ARE the Fascists!

The question is a very big part of the final win. If she made it to this point, comprehending and answering the question will give or take that win in the final scoring done by the judges. Her strong liberal view most likely cost her a 6 figure salary, a 50,000 dollar scholarship, and a free apartment in NYC for a year. If only she could only have listened and answered what was asked, but as usual, Liberals are too busy screaming to hear what is really going on!

So you support White supremacy?

So you support white genocide.

Don’t you?

No one is supporting WS or the KKK, we’re saying place the blame correctly. Antifa played a HUGE role in what happened and the driver has since been declared mentally ILL, so instead of jumping ot conclusion, get the facts straight.

NOT supporting “black supremacy” is NOT the same as supporting “white supremacy”.
ANYBODY who judges others by the color of their skin is a racist moron! (REGARDLESS of their own skin color)