EMERGENCY: Get the H*ll out of Florida, NOW! Irma will leave no way of escape once she hits!

NOAA has changed the expected path of Hurricane Irma.

It is now a Category 5 Hurricane. That means winds are currently a SUSTAINED SPEED of 155 MPH!

This is NO JOKE. About 24% of our readership is in Florida, we see entirely too many people from Florida still reading our news!!! If you are anywhere near the path of this storm you need to LISTEN TO YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES!

This a serious, deadly, dangerous, ferocious, ungodly, horrifying, and terrible storm.

The following map was updated by the National Weather Service at 5:00 AM Florida time.

The National Weather Service is begging everyone in Key West to get out while they still have time!!!

Get the H*ll out of this storms way. If you are under “mandatory evacuation” that means you will not get help if you call 911, you could try but chances are they won’t be able to get to you. You will be on your own. Not for a few hours, try 48 hours AT LEAST, ON YOUR OWN!!!

48 hours of bone crushing, car flinging, roof ripping, window shattering wind, rain, hail, and flying cars, boards, mail boxes, pickets, and telephone poles! This kind of wind can make a mailbox, a fence post, a telephone pole, just about anything into a deadly projectile!

The wind is not the only concern, there is also the issue of the Storm Surge.

A Whitehouse Staff Member is PLEADING with Floridians to listen to evacuation orders!!!

Think long and hard if you decide to stay. PLEASE, PLEASE! GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!


Share this and pray that everyone in Florida gets the word. With so many not watching the news, I fear some may not know! Share this, LIVES DEPEND ON IT!!!