Minutes before Jeff Sessions stepped up to the mic to end DACA, President Trump sent a message to Congress.

Earlier today Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an end to DACA.

He said the program was “unconstitutional” and would end up being just like DAPA which had problems when it went to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Sessions also recounted how the law was believed to be an overreach of power by the Obama Administration.

He said:

“As the Attorney General, I must enforce our laws… …an end to DACA is necessary.”

Two days ago several reports said that DACA would end with a 6-month delay.

President Trump sent a message for Congress only a few hours before the announcement:

The President told Congress:

“Congress, get ready to do your job – DACA!”

President Trump seems to be telling congress to deal with the DACA crisis. According to AG Jeff Sessions, there are 800,000 people, MOSTLY ADULTS, on the DACA program.

Immigration Reform has been an issue that Congress has failed to address for three decades. Now, President Trump is stepping aside so Congress can do their job, or go down in history for failing to fix illegal immigration…


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BRAVO! to President Trump who is accomplishing exactly what he promised to do during his campaign! He has accomplished more positive reforms for America and her people in 8 months than any other President in their entire four year term, and some eight years in office. let’s face it President Trump is the first President concerned enough to truly “make America great again” He is setting about to re-instate a national pride in America’s people to be Americans! I believe that all of the past Presidents (with exception of Reagan have been globalists) Our Republican Congress has had control of… Read more »
I completely agree with both of you tasharina and clear morning. These Dacas were encouraged and tolerated by the Left which mainly support the Dems. It is really shameful that Obama promised these Dacas there legalization, dangled it infront of their noses, yet failed to complete it during his term of office. Now, the people who are supporting these Dacas are using the emotional component to legalize them.It may not be their fault but their parents did this intentionally. Americans already spent money on these kids, now adults.Our money was already spent to provide food, shelter, free medical care and… Read more »
The children being brought here illegally is mostly the fault of the parents, not America. It is the parents coming here illegally and putting their children through this to take advantage of American’s caring nature, while not caring how this hurts us. Americans personally give more to needy people all over the world than any other country, not to mention the millions of our tax payer dollars to help, which a lot goes to Mexico. But, the illegals coming here and bringing children we have to support is hurting our ability to be able to take care of ourselves, much… Read more »

agreed, it is also amazing that these so called dreamers raise their Mexican flags, show us the finger, tell us “F” you, then making further demands. That is not a sign of grateful persons, nor are they acting like the new Americans I would like to know.Their behavior tells me they feel entitled, and as we earned our rights here, as our forefathers earned their right, it appears that these “dreamers feel as if entitled, and I have a huge problem with that!

So true. But, you know, there are a lot of Americans that feel entitled due to not having to earn their freedoms or anything that they have. it’s the whole welfare mentality that has over taken our country, started by FDR. The welfare draw ruined our country and instead of being the safety net it was promised to be, became a generational way of life for a lot of Americans and drawing the kind of people here who don’t even like America and just want the freebies or just to join violent gangs. It caused us to lose our morals… Read more »


Trump is correct. While the President can grant amnesty on a case by case basis for the exceptional situations that laws doesn’t deal with “fairly”, granting temp. amnesty for a CLASS of judicial problems is NOT OK.

it was not believed to be unlawful what Obama did to get Hispanic votes and ADMITS IT! it WAS ILLEGAL but so was MUCH of what that TRAITOR did to us and this nation! Trump is trying like CRAZY to fix the mess obama made but OH HOW THE DEMONS are screaming and rending him with their claws!

I agree.

I really like your analogy of screaming demons, it is so true, I can’t remember in my long history any evil demons screaming like these who are recruited and paid by the clinton–obama- soro unholy evil trinity. whose only goal is to destroy our nation.

EVERYTIME the Prez talks to Congress this way, the Swamp screams and the people cheer! Guess who controls the votes? If they don’t like this Trump may REALLY give them something to scream about…. term limits!

The sooner the better. Add the Healthcare clause that congress can only have the same Healthcare that We the people have !! We who voted for them !! Without we, they would most likely be working for a fraction of what they take from their positions. I guarantee it would cure Obamacare !!

yea! term limits are very important. those people have become dictators in their own right,