Harvey is destroying more than homes, putting some reputations at risk.

August 27, 2017, a Professor, Ken Storey sent out a disturbing Tweet. He implied that the GOP doesn’t care about Texans.

While some people were quick to paint Ken Storey’s tweet with a much broader brush, the truth is he seemed to be trying to say that the disaster would show Texans how little Republicans care about them.

Some quickly rebuked the Professor, other’s lashed out, and still, some pointed out that Harvey was not only a historical storm, but a historical example of people helping people regardless of race, religion, or creed.

His Tweet was first picked up by two student advocacy groups. Both Turning Point USA and Campus Reform were quick to use the Professor’s Tweet to point out Liberal Bias in the faculty of Higher Education.

It wasn’t long before Fox News got ahold of his Tweet making the Professor infamous, instead of famous.

On August 28, 2017, the Professor Tweeted an apology and in less than 13 hours has received over 1300 replies, most of them are less than kind.

The Mayor of Houston, the one who refused to order an evacuation is a Democrat. Governor Abbot, a Republican, called the Mayor several times on his cell phone and left messages.

The Governor told the Press there would be time to sort out the lessons learned once the recovery mission is complete. The Democrat Mayor is already on the defence about his decision to tell the people of Houston to shelter in place.

Leaving some to wonder if it is the Republicans or the Democrats who don’t care…

As far Texans supporting President Trump, well most Republicans in the state voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries. The support for President Trump came only after he was the only choice on the ballot next to Hillary Clinton. The fiercest of Ted Cruz supporters refusing the vote at all in the General election.

Most of Ted Cruz’s support comes from the Houston area… Let that sink in for a minute!

All of this highlights the importance of keeping your mouth shut when it comes to the suffering of others. It isn’t hard to twist a story, and a twisted story will always snap back in place. A lesson that was just learned by someone who is supposed to be teaching our youth.