We just ripped the MASK off of Jason Kessler – The Internet is FOREVER…

Jason Kessler is the man who organized the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

One person is dead and at least twenty were injured when a car smashed into protestors who were on the road.

There were some curious facts surrounding this event, so we decided to do some digging.

What we found raises serious¬†questions about who Jason Kessler is actually working for…

First of all, the ACLU defended Jason Kessler and forced the city to keep his permit in place. This was after the city raised concerns about the ability of Law Enforcement to keep Antifa, BLM, and the New Black Panthers from clashing with the White Supremacists who were attending with Jason Kessler.

Here are a few things you need to know about Jason Kessler.

First, he supports gun control.

Second, he LOVES Obama and Clinton!


Third, He LOVED the Iran deal struck by Obama!

Fourth, Hates Republicans and compared them to Dahmer.


Finally, he claims he was “Red Pilled” into becoming a Trump Supporter…?

He claims he was “red pilled” by the “media instigating the Baltimore¬†riots.” However, an Advanced search of his Tweets only reveals one Tweet raising questions or assigning blame for the Baltimore Riots. That Tweet was sent a month AFTER this so called “red pill” or change of heart.

So who is this guy really? Well, at least some of rumors on the Internet are True, he was, in fact, a Liberal and he admitted it. His reason for changing his mind doesn’t add up, based on the evidence.

He has Tweeted 4843 times and he never mentioned the Baltimore Riots prior to his change of heart.

One last thing.

We are researching to determine if he used to work for or with CNN. CNN has not responded to our calls or emails. It is possible that another Jason Kessler worked for CNN, however, the Jason Kessler from Charlottesville have a gap in his Linked In profile from 2009 to 2013.

He has a Patreon Account with 3 subscribers, and he used to run a blog called jasonkessler.net, however, the site is conveniently taken down. But not to worry, the Internet is FOREVER, we will provide what we find there very, VERY SOON!

Part Two has been published, you can read it at this link: Here.

So, is this guy for real, or is he a plant, inserted into the Trump Movement to find a way to take it down, just in case Trump won? Let’s SHARE the Truth about Jason Kessler, please make this goooooo VIRAL!


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American White Nationalism is a government operation. Always has been. Spencer, Taylor, Johnson, Duke, etc. all frauds. Hunter Wallace is a mental defective. STAY AWAY FROM RICHARD SPENCER and that group or charlatans. Here is the “leader” of the AltRight.comment image


As well as other globalists

A person can’t change their mind? I was a Marxist until Ronald Reagan became president

I was never a Marxist, but I WAS a Democrat until Ronald Reagan came along and turned me around.

He showed me and millions of others how absurd the Democratic Party Platform was.

Meet the neo-Bolsheviks,
(same as the old Bolsheviks)

Where is the magic? Ninety or so communist, with the financial backing of Armand Hammer and friends, took over Russia, took from Russia everything of value not nailed down, you could say it was their bounty, a pay off; went into the home of Russia’s Czar, raped and then murdered the Czar and his whole family. No trick, all you need is the Banker, his world wide Media (AP and Reuters), on your side, plus a few hundred Politicians, Judges and Police, hey, you can do anything when you are running the show. Anything, like turn flat into a globe,… Read more »

Kessler ribs, without the a it’s purely fibs.

Charlottsville, a hoax event, crisis actors by the hundreds, asheep by the millions, fear porn does the trick, dividing and drooling the unthinking minions, the lying lame stream steering opinions, the Marxist Bolshevik playbook in plain sight, playing and paying left and right whilst straight down the centre, the usual Tribe schelenter.

comment image

‘Jason Kessler’ is most likely ashkenazi Jewish. He is a plant, an infiltrator to stir up violent ‘goy’ behavior, because ‘goys’ are soulless beasts anyway.