{Sarcasm} I am responsible for President Trump’s victory and here is why! Sit Down Bannon, Kushner, and Stone!

The Main Stream Media is trying everything they can to credit President Trump’s win to anyone but Trump. I thought to myself since they are looking for a hero, why not throw my name in the ring.

I will gladly throw my name in the ring with 60 million other voters who are in part responsible for President Trump’s glorious victory.

Oh sure, President Trump spent hours traveling and campaigning, even hitting as many as three rallies a day. Sure, he talked about running for President thirty years ago.


Let’s not pay attention to the fact that President Trump financed his own campaign. He played the media like a cheap fiddle. Always just a little out of tune, but still right on key with his audience.

Let’s ignore the fact that he left his multi-billion dollar company and the comfort of his solid gold high-rise estate in New York. Let’s all forget the fact that President Trump has been hobnobbing with the world’s elite for three decades learning how things fit together.

We can just ignore the fact that it was President Trump that invited all these jokers to work for him. We can pretend the Main Stream Media is right. President Trump didn’t actually spend the last thirty years keeping this as an option if needed.

Let’s turn a blind eye to the fact that he spent several years building up a show called the “Apprentice” which for some unknown reason was a perfect fit for the job he has now. No, No! Let’s forget all of that!

I am responsible for President Trump’s win! Are you? I am guessing about 62,980,159 other people can say the same thing. BUT, ACTUALLY, WE WON’T.

We all know President Trump is the one who worked 100 hour weeks for years preparing for this. He is the one who convinced a group of very smart people to back him. He is the one who put his name out there.

President Trump is responsible for his own Victory! I guess that’s Ok, I don’t want to be known as the guy who won Trump’s election anyway, I have my own election to win. 😉