McConnell ‘taken out of context’ by MSM did not attack President Trump, says business owner who supports both McConnell and Trump.

Mitch McConnell spoke at a Rotary Club in Kentucky earlier today. He answered questions from state business leaders.

You can find a Rotary Club in just about every county seat in the country. Local business leaders come together to discuss changes to local policy, business relationships, and ideas on how to improve their local communities. We are told that Mitch McConnell was speaking with a group of business leaders the Press was not invited.

The person we spoke with attended the meeting and is a local business leader. That person did not want to be named because of fears it may hurt their local business. When we pressed the issue about allowing us to use their identity in our story we were told:

“I just don’t think it is wise for me to go on the record. Between the Main Stream Media and Trump Supporters there is no telling how I could harm my business, I have alot mouths to feed. I own a small business, I cannot afford to have Antifa or Bikers for Trump riding into town and camping in front of my business.”


For this reason, we will not name our source, but we are confident our source was in the room when Mitch McConnell was answering questions.

We were told that McConnell was not addressing the press and he answered several questions including the question about the progress of lawmaking by Congress. That is where the video which was apparently edited by ABC News, the Washington Post or someone else came from.

We were also told that McConnell was gracious and Thankful for the support Congress is receiving from the Trump Administration. Especially, President Trump’s ability to help move legislation along by finding ways to compromise within the party.

Our source admitted that Mitch McConnell clearly appeared frustrated with the timelines and demands placed on Congress by President Trump.

Finally, we were told by our source that Mitch McConnell also said that he is frustrated because he wishes Congress could get more done more quickly, but legislation takes time. He even joked that Republicans understand this, unlike the Democrats who created the Obamacare mess, to begin with.

Our source asked us to quote him on this exactly:

“The Democrats have been sowing division within the Republican Party for decades. These Main Stream Media types get secretly recorded video from a private meeting between business people and our Senator. They took his words completely out of context. I trust both Mitch and President Trump. I could probably tell you who in the room recorded the meeting, but I won’t say. I do hope he reads my quote.”

Full disclosure: Our source admitted to contributing to both Senator Mitch McConnell’s Senatorial campaigns and President Trump’s Presidential campaign.

What do you think about Mitch McConnell’s remarks? Should ABC News and the Washington Post provide the full recording of the meeting, instead of this short edited version?