This man just used the numbers and hard facts to prove Trump’s progress in Washington DC.

President Trump remains on his working vacation in New Jersey. The word is he will return to New York to conduct meetings over the next few days.

I’m not sure if he has spent more time keeping the country informed with his Twitter and Facebook account, or driving a few balls down the course.

One thing is for certain, he has taken the lead in promoting the facts about his progress.

Great News for President Trump


Earlier today The American Action Forum released a study showing exactly how much money President Trump has saved businesses since he took over as President.

The good news just keeps rolling in. The report written by Dan Goldbeck shows that President Trump will save businesses $3.8 Billion this year alone. Only looking at what the President has already done he surmises that “Total Final Rule Costs” will save $23.3 Billion.

Goldbeck explained that the changes will amount to a lot of saved man hours and then puts those big numbers into terms we can all understand. He said the changes made so far will leave 3,000 people in government with nothing to do…

Goldbeck concluded:

“While efforts to reform health care and the tax code largely reign over the headlines, the Trump Administration has had some notable actions on regulations in its first six months. Both the volume and impact of new regulatory burdens have slowed dramatically. In terms of actively revising or repealing past rules, the administration’s greatest achievements have come in working with a unified Congress to pass a record-breaking 14 CRA resolutions. Beyond these first six months, the administration’s ambition is clearly to go even farther and deeper. Only time will tell when and how it gets there.”

While the Main Stream Media continues to attack Trump for Congress’ failure on Obamacare, at least someone is happy with Trump’s progress.

In order to be fair we attempted to find an opposing opinion, curiously, no one else seems to be talking about Trump’s accomplishments, critical or otherwise.

I suspect the number of people happy about these changes is a lot higher than just a few, are you one of the people happy to see the progress from President Trump’s Administration?