President Trump says you can take your apology and…

The New York Times never issued a complete and formal apology to President Trump, but in November 2016 they did admit that his win was “unexpected.”

The idea that the New York Times would publically admit to being wrong is about as close to an apology as you can get without just saying “I’m sorry.”

The battle rages on between the New York Times and President Trump. This morning President Trump took another shot a the Times. The New York Times recently claimed that Vice President Mike Pence was preparing to run in 2020.


The backlash from Trump was sharp. The outrage from Pence was historical. From the outside, it looked like Vice President Mike Pence was well beyond angry about what he called a “complete fabrication.”

President Trump fired back:

Within an hour of his Tweet, the New York Times released yet another hit piece aimed at the Trump Administration. This time they used the title:

“Many Politicians Lie. But Trump Has Elevated the Art of Fabrication.”

The article was clearly written in haste, much like mine sometimes are. The evidence was the many spelling and grammatical errors in the initial release. Like I sometimes do, they quickly noticed and resolved their typos.

I am not linking to the article. If you want to help the New York Times by seeing their advertisements go ahead, but I can’t help you do that.

As the relentless attacks on President Trump continue I look forward to seeing more and more Trump Supporters emerge. Keep giving them rope Sir, it won’t be long now before they hang themselves. Sharing is Caring!