The amazing connection between this Texas Ranch and Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club.

It isn’t every day that the President gets to put his feet up and relax. His job actually never ends.

When President Bush, the second one, was on vacation he often retired to his quiet Texas Ranch located in Crawford, Texas. Democrats and the Main Stream Media didn’t seem to have an issue with Bush going home to spend some time in his own back yard.

We all remember when Vice President Dick Cheney shot his buddy in the face. Do you remember where that happened? The Media never grumbled about the “boys” going out for a little pheasant hunting. They never griped about the President and Vice President taking a little time to decompress.


All of a sudden it isn’t cool for Presidents to take some time to get away from their satellites and the leeches who want something.

Oh wait, it’s because President Trump is playing golf. They say Golf is the game for the rich, and that is why Liberals have a problem with Trump playing Golf so much.

Here is a little newsflash. Have you ever been pheasant hunting? Which is more expensive? Golf of Bird Hunting…?

It ain’t cheap to hunt anymore. Back in Bushes day, it wasn’t much cheaper. AND, Oh, by the way, Golf and Bird hunting both take a lot of lands. The big difference between bird hunting and golf is this.

You can’t bird hunt in New Jersey.

Now that we have cleared up the “rich man’s” sport let’s talk about the cost. What does it cost President Trump to golf at his own golf course? …

Well, I’m waiting for some Liberal to chime in and say BUT BUT the secret service. Oh yeah, so it costs more to go to New Jersey than it does Texas? Give me a break!

The American people voted for President Trump. We knew he was a Billionaire. We knew he would be expensive to protect. We knew the Secret Service might have to pay some fairly high rent to support their mission.


So, please, save us the drama and stop pretending like it is a big deal that President Trump has decided to vacation in his own back yard!