President is not actually on Vacation while he is in the Clubhouse, just another example.

All the buzz in the media is about Trump being on vacation. They just keep on and on about President Trump playing golf, ignoring the fact that he OWNS the golf courses. The man is literally hanging out in his own back yard!

Shortly before we wrote this, President Trump was still hard at work for the United States. He may be at a Country Club but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working for America.

At about 9:22 PM Sunday evening, President Trump completed a call with President Moon of South Korea.


The details of the call are not exactly known, but the President does seem to be saying that South Korea is happy about the recent UN sanctions against NORTH Korea. Sometimes it is hard to know for sure in under 140 characters.

The timing of the call isn’t all that unusual either. I read a few news articles that tried to sucker people into thinking a call at 9 pm at night is strange. None of them pointed out the fact that it is Monday Morning at about 9 am in South Korea.

In other words, the call was made to President Trump when President Moon got to his office on his Monday morning. A big deal for sure, but not much more than two world leaders exchanging platitudes and strategies. There really is nothing urgent about the call, except to say that he did call when he got to work!

In this case, I think it may be safe to speculate and say the call went well. The good news for America is this. President Trump took the call which is something I’m not sure his predecessor¬†ever did, while he was in the Clubhouse!!!