Parents stunned by what this small Texas school district is doing to their K-5 students.

Leslie Clay, a Bulverde Creek Elementary School teacher, reads a fairy tale story written by Capt. Robert Orallo, 433rd Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels flight commander, to first graders at his daughter’s elementary school Feb. 7, 2017. Orallo, who recently returned from a six month deployment overseas, surprised his daughter Iliana at her school. (U.S. Air Force photo by Benjamin Faske)

In a small town located about an hour south east of Dallas, Texas, a school district is setting a new standard in education. They are one of the first, only time will tell if this new “trend” catches on.

Athens ISD has about 3,100 students. This small town School District is raising the bar.

This year students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade will not have to buy school supplies. That’s right, this small town’s school leadership decided to use the Federal monies they get for their low-income students to actually help the low-income students!

We spoke with a mother of three children who just moved to Athen, TX who tells us:

“I was stunned and very happy when I heard they were doing this for every student. We just moved here from California after my husband was laid off. A lot of my family is here, and the cost of living is low so we decided to move closer to family. … We have three children a Kindergartners, a 2nd grader and a 5th grader. The move from California wiped us out. This is a real lifesaver for sure. … I am happy to be in Texas where they actually care about my children.”

Only time will tell if other School Districts around the country will take notice. Take notice and start spending our Federal Tax dollars where it counts!