Trump Took Time To Recognize Some Real Heros While In France.

You can always count on President Trump to take time out for our Veterans.

While he was in France he took the time to recognize some special Vets. These fighting men were there on D-Day!

Why can’t the MSM ever report on things like this! Do you think President Trump takes good care of our Veterans? Let’s SHARE This everywhere so everyone knows how much Trump loves our Veterans!


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It is so awesome to finally have a president who loves America, Americans and especially, those Americans, who we owe our very lives to.

God has given Donald the task of saving our country and HE is protecting him from all the evil minions that are trying to destroy.

Never liked Trump when he was doing all his TV shows, but now that the truth about who he really is and all his past and present good works, I am a fan. Finally a person in office that is FOR THE PEOPLE. Trump 2020.

Funny how Democratic presidents do the opposite – Clinton taking a stroll on the beach for a photo shoot and Obama never once said a word …….

Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

Thank you, President Trump, for your love and concern for us! Lisbeth N. Rothe, PFC WA8 5……..

A great President will always recognize the vets. That says much about President Trump!

Shirley Klein Stewart

So very proud of our PRESIDENT, he loves our country and those who have served and are still serving