Main Stream Media Plans To Use Net Neutrality To Censor Trump Supporters!

Companies like Godaddy who earn their way by providing internet services are under threat. Companies like ours who earn our living by sharing things you care about are under threat! Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are lobbying Congress to create new Net Neutrality laws. This is bad, really, really bad for free speech!

Remember the “Affordable Care Act” AKA Obamacare? There was nothing about it that was “affordable,” well there will be nothing “neutral” about a net neutrality law written by the Main Stream Media!

They want to you put you up for sale!

When you purchase an internet connection you might think you have access to everything. Not so fast, massive Internet Service Providers want to sell you. That’s right, they want to get paid on both ends.

It isn’t enough to charge you for access. No! Now they want to farm your data. They want to snoop on your internet activity and sell you like a piece of meat. But it get’s worse!

Not only do they want to you sell you and your surfing habits, they want to charge the rest of the world a premium to get to you.

These massive companies are setting up shop getting ready to stop Trump in 2020. It’s all part of a much larger plan. If they can charge a premium to get to you, small websites like ours won’t be able to afford it. So, you will be stuck with the Main Stream Media.

Bye Bye Fast Websites

Here at Nation One News, we work hard to keep our website as fast as possible. If ATT, Verizon, Comcast, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN (aka Time Warner) and the rest of the Main Stream Media get their way that will change. No matter how fast we make our website they will just slow us down.

The Media Giants know that small sites like ours had a huge impact on the election. We tell the truth and they can’t have small groups spreading the truth that stops their lies. They want to silence us all. We cannot let this happen.

Imagine the internet where all you hear about all day long is Russia, Russia, Russia! Today we can get the truth out over the internet. They want to control the narrative again! We MUST NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!

Contact your Congressman and Senators and demand they keep the internet fair and fast. We pay a lot of money for internet access. If the Media Giants get their way, we won’t be able to afford the increased cost. They can’t beat us, so they are trying to snuff us out!

Please Share this and let’s work together to Keep the Internet Fair and Fast!


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VOTE for those who are prepared to support US. Remove ‘Progressives’.

DAMN Libtards!

That’s what I say, keep the Internet fair & fast.

Got news for you, we have all been up for sale for a long time, there is NOTHING private any longer…………:/

Do you want them selling your email contacts?

Everything the msm radicals do is antiAmerican. These liberal media types who are controlled by Beelzebub have nothing but lies to tell, the truth always destroys them..

Censorship? In case nobody’s figured it out this is the 21st century not the 19th or 18th! Newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur, landlines will go away, TV, Virtual Wireless, satellite, and other tech we cannot even imagine are taking over for what was once standard. Neutrality cuts out WE THE PEOPLE!! Without access and the money that will wind up in taxes or higher fees for every piece of communication for self up to and including ALL the citizenry! STOP being REACTIVE! It is time to be proactive in planning Freedom of Speech, Press and ALL communications!!… Read more »
Of course they aren’t going to come out and say they are going to censor people. They do it in round about ways. Like, in this instance, get laws made that make it too expensive for the little guys, who are getting the truth out, to stay in business. Like what is happening on You Tube, right now, with threatening sponsors to not advertise and unmonetizing articles that they think are so called hate speech. So, they are having to ask people to donate, to keep them open. That is how the liberals are censoring speech they don’t like. They… Read more »
I dont believe anything the media say everything they say and do is anti-Trump. What i find very bad which Comcast and other internet providers are now doing it charge the customer more for the data they use. I have family of 4 who use the internet for family. I already paid $185.00 month now i have to pay more because i have large family using internet. I pay additional $50.00 a month for unlimited internet. Now that something to get internet providers to do something about. They expect us to believe they care about free speech? I think everyone… Read more »

Check out Wow. It is a lot cheaper than comcast.I switched because i could not afford to stay with comcast.

Jordy (post below u) is a jerk so he’s blocked now. He’s a troll from twitter !

I sure as hell don’t believe pro Trump websites like Freedom Daily or Breitbart.

Gee ! don’t you guys get it you all talk about your privacy rights here’s your chance to do something positive about it. But you let you ignorance blind you . This isn’t about the media it about the internet service provider sell your data and making a profit of that data.