Trump Responds after report says James Comey leaked “Classified” information.

It was only a few days after James Comey was fired that Congress invited him to testify. Under Oath, James Comey admitted he provided information to a friend so it could be leaked to the media.

Breaking News

According to The Hill, those documents contained classified information. In a Sunday afternoon article The Hills says:

“Four of the memos had markings making clear they contained information classified at the secret or confidential level, according to officials directly familiar with the matter.”

Media SPIN

Several Main Stream Media outlets have begun to twist the story. All of them have been unable to avoid the truth. Even adversarial Politico admitted the information was leaked and it is classified. Of course “their sources” tell them it was “retroactively” classified. They provided no details of when or by whom the alleged “retroactive” action was taken. Finally, Politico was forced to admit:

At least one of Comey’s memos remains unclassified, the source with knowledge told POLITICO.

In other words, all of the memos, except for one are CLASSIFIED.


President Trump Responds

Early Monday morning President Trump shared his concerns about James Comey’s actions Tweeting:

“James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!”

James Comey has not been seen publically in several weeks leaving some to wonder if he has gone into hiding alongside his co-conspirator Daniel Richman. Richman has been reported to be “in hiding” for several weeks after his involvement in the leaking scandal was revealed by the NY Post.


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I just wish the “Lost 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America” would be embodied in the Constitution. The laws in it are so fitting with the happenings of today. I believe there is an effort to completely abolish the Constitution and all of our American life style, religion and everything is to be changed. This 13th Amendment to the Constitution faces this action, that are being demonstrated by the Left. According to it, President Trump is about the only legal member of the Gvm’t.

The Act of 1871 is an act of treason. Every law that congress enacts that violates our organic constitution is an act of treason. Every action of force by the departments of this corporate government is treason. Washington D.C. has no lawful jurisdiction outside the ten square mile boundry of D.C. Every president since U.S.Grant and every congress since the 41st congress have been guilty of fraud and conspiracy to commit treason. We are soverigns of a Constitutional Republic. The Act of 1871 illegally created a corporate government. It would have required ratification by two thirds of the states for… Read more »

What is taking so Long?

Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

I stand in agreement with President Trump! Beyond that, it is treason! Comey needs to be incarcerated immediately and held until all the facts are in and he is tried on charges of treason and obstruction of justice! He, along with all government perpetrators, should be tried for their involvement in pedophilia!

He also should be tried for abetting Hillary getting away with the same thing.

Comey is a pedophile

What thrill do you trolls get with such comments? I’d really like to know.

How do you know that? I would not be unhappy if it is true. But saddened for any children he abused. If true, he should be tried and sentenced in all states where these acts occurred.

Comey is a closet homosexual just like Hoover….

Proof man. It would relegate him to the trash heap as far as public opinion is concerned.

To All: I am a Trump guy, make no mistake, but I am getting increasing frustrated with him because he is doing nothing about Comey and Clinton when it is a clear as the sun coming up in the morning that both broke the some of the most robust and heavy-penalty laws in this nation- national security laws. Why doesn’t he order the Justice Department to prosecute? How much more proof does he need? Good Heavens, Don, do something! And then take care of Lynch, Rice and the rest of the Obama-ites, including Barry. He’s going around meeting with national… Read more »

Turn Jeff Sessions loose to pursue all the actions of the Obama administration bad actors.

Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

He needs more than proof. He needs the authority to prosecute, and that he does not have. As President of the United States he is responsible for the security of the Nation. He does not become a member of law enforcement. He, as all of us, must rely upon those within law enforcement to get the job done. That means the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. And, Sessions must evaluate every piece of evidence before filing charges.

Tony, I hear ya and wonder if Trump isn’t trying too hard to build an airtight case against the top dogs when there should be enough info to put all of them away for life. If all of us saved the videos and posts by the top dogs and gave the info to Trump, wonder if that would help him bring all of them to justice??