Trump Helps Marine BUT Everyone Missed This!

The Internet is all abuzz about President Trump’s act of courtesy toward a young United States Marine. As the President arrives at Marine One he reached down and picked up the Lance Corporal’s “Cover”.

The Navy and Marines call their hats “covers.” That was awesome in itself, but the real story was missed by everyone.

As you watch the video look at how many people near the President are armed.

That young Lance Corporal, who lost his cover, is armed with a Baretta M9 9mm pistol. When you look at his chest he has two marksmanship medals. The one on the left shows his rifle proficiency the smaller one on the right his pistol skills.

He is an Expert Rifleman and an Expert with a Pistol. Achieving “Expert” status with a pistol in very difficult.

You will also notice the Presidential Seal on the Marine’s right pocket. This Marine has earned his place amoung the Presidential Guard. He has a Military Occupational Specialty of 8152.

Marines who have earned the 8152 designations are called “Gun-Slingers” by the rest of the Marine Corp. They are the very elite in small arms. What does that mean? Gunslingers have extensive training in small arms and they are VERY, VERY FAST and DEADLY ACCURATE!

Sure, most Marines can shoot and do it very well, but this Marine can pull his pistol from the holster and hit a target 30 feet away, three times, in less than half a second. Why does that matter?

How many times did you see Obama that close to a US Marine “Gun Slinger,” let alone be brave enough to try to put his hat back on!


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I fully expect the President of the United states to be guarded by the best of the best.

What I liked most was the “human touch” with the common man – something that President Trump is apparently well known for – especially behind the scenes and apparently not given much credit for.

Totally the opposite of the previous “gentlemen” who held that position.

Alice-Annette Schultz

The ineligible man preceding Trump, was never a gentleman! Period!

Oh so very true – which is why I put him in “italics”.

Be safe and enjoy he weekend.


Ex-Army here. I used to be a gun-slinger (well the Army version) of sorts. Qual’d expert on my pistol. I was a medic, so the pistol was our bread and butter. Its a tough qual, but a pistol is easier to use than a rifle when carrying a causality.

True….I qualified expert with rifle and pistol during my service in the Air Force. Served in a medical unit also. I still like to shoot often with my AR15 and Ruger 9mm.

Why is this even an issue? That Marine is sworn to protect POTUS. His marksmanship should not be a concern of the President, but rather a comfort. Sounds like someone is trying to demonize the Marine. Semper Fi.

Not the Marines, but the double standard (their only one) the Left has.

Why why is this even an issue? That Marine (as well as any other service member) is sworn to uphold

Trump is a man’s man and that is why he is so hated by the left. He is kind and giving to his friends and stern and direct with his enemies. To bad for the MSM that has chosen the later.

Alice-Annette Schultz

Not just ‘too bad’, it is an outright disgrace for journalism overall!

Obama was too busy speechifying about Navy CORPSE-men.

At the U.S.S. Naval Academy? Yes he actually said this too!

B.Ohh (He Stanks) Obonehead has always had his head deeply inserted in a Stygian place where the sun don’t shine!

President Trump has a lot of class, and a lot of humility. I wish the main stream media had a fraction of the character that our President has.