Chicago – If You Want Your Diploma “Get A Job!” – Crony Capitalism Exposed

President Obama: Andrews Air Force Base departure en route Newport News, Virginia.

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, announced new requirements for High School graduates today. He hopes the new rules will improve the already extremely high dropout rate of 30%.

Yes, you read that correctly. The government is adding more rules making it easier for predatory businesses to take advantage of High School graduates. Somehow they believe this will improve the dropout rate.

Beginning in 2020 Students must show they have something to do after High School. They can get a job, join the military, be accepted to college, or join a “gap year” program.

On this surface, this may seem like a good idea. A closer look at numbers tells a different story.

Chicago High School Graduates – New Jobs

In 2016 the Chicago school system announced a record breaking 20,438 graduates. Chicago added 34,400 new jobs in 2016. Sounds great right? NO!

Of the 34,400 jobs created only 7,500 of those jobs were available to High School graduates and even less to inexperienced High School graduates. That leaves the military, college or gap year programs.

The military recruits an average of 100,000 new members each year. That is an average of about 2,000 per state. Of course, some states are higher than others and we do not have access to that information. So, let’s assume that Chicago gets double the national average at 4,000.

So far, we have reached 11,500, which leaves about 9,000 students to college or gap year programs. The national average for college attendance between the ages of 18 and 24 is 33.6%. So this will account for another 6,900.

Chicago will be left with about 2,100 students attending gap year programs… Which leaves just one question.

How much does Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama stand to gain from investments into Gap Year Programs?

Here is an idea Mr. Mayor. Bring more jobs to your city and stop creating new industries with your Crony Capitalist laws… Oh wait, but then how would you take advantage of the working poor???


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Diploma in Ebonics?

another liberal money making laundering scam….

Just john the Hood jobs.! Sometimes pays real good. When other times the only pay you get is to be shot and killed. And i am sure that Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama will support this 1,000 % been’s they are Both Muslim. Crooks, Theft, Killer, Murder, and number one Liars.!

Dear rwg1949yt, if you can shout, scream, follow a chant somebody reads from a cell ‘phone or start fires, there seems to be unlimited scope. Being able to break windows and loot stores are added skills.

what kind of job can you get when you can’t read, write, speak, or think?

A political office, probably in DC!!!