Trump Distances the United States from the Climate Change Scam

President Trump was on a roll! As soon as Air Force One touched down in Hamburg, Germany he got to work.

Trump Distances the United States from the Climate Change Scam

Climate change is a serious problem throughout the world. Developing nations dump large amounts of waste into our atmosphere while countries like the United States are held back by restrictions. Those restrictions don’t apply to the worst abusers.

President Trump was conveniently distanced from the worst environmental offenders. He seems to have made it a point to ensure that he wasn’t near the Globalist Elite when the photo was taken. He appeared to start a brief conversation with the Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia right before the photo was taken.

Several Main Stream Media outlets reported that Trump was unable to “shove his way” to the center of the stage. The reports are completely dishonest because President Trump knew exactly where to stand and he never moved. There are a lot of videos on Youtube claiming he tried to steal the spotlight.

The Telegraph created a video showing the moments leading up to the photo. It appears France’s Macron was the person who was trying to steal the spotlight or was Macron just secretly making sure Trump was distanced from the group? Have a look for yourself…

Finally, sources close to the Whitehouse told Nation One News that President Trump was aware of his position in the photo weeks in advance. Another source close to the President recounted part of an internal Whitehouse G-20 planning meeting where Trump said:

“This is great, great news! That picture will show Americans that I am not part of the Globalist crowd hurting America. I might big Big League, but I am not part of that crowd! Americans will understand that I am putting America First! I trust the American people  because they trusted me!”

Overall President Trump drew a great deal of criticism about his stance on Climate Change. This was a huge success for Americans who believe that Climate Change is just another way for Globalists to steal American Jobs and strip America of her wealth.

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Climate Change is not a scam!!!

i strongly believe man is damaging our environment, but believe in free market solutions and innovation. I believe in removing the regulatory barriers that prohibit true freedom and choice in the electric market. It is time to UnPlug electric monopolies and allow people to decide who they wish to purchase electricity from. Under the monopoly model, the electricity produced on private property belongs to the electric monopolies, not property owners.

Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

Thank you, President Trump, for putting honesty and integrity first! It would be foolish to waste money on worthless companionship with nations who are all falling for the lies of the globalist elite! Thank you for following God’s leading!

I had read they stood in the order of their membership in G20

The person who headlined this article is an idiot.

Bertie Cordova Pacheco

I immediately noticed where Mr.Trump positioned himself but thought it was assigned to him. America isn’t popular at this point in history was my reasoning. Happy to know the real reason.!

I’m not sure but it looks as if positioning had to do with how long each head of state has been in office.

I would have skipped the photo shoot altogether; maybe gone out for a beer.


Trump is a tea drinker. He doesn’t drink alcohol.

Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

…Which would have been foolish and rude! We don’t need to egregiously alienate the leaders of other nations!

It wouldn’t be smart to alienate other countries but also wouldn’t pay billions of dollars while no other country is kicking in one penny. If the other countries get upset, then they should kick in their part first. We’ve been carrying the U.N. for years by paying 2/3 of their entire operating budget for years while others don’t pay their fair share and owe back amts. while spending millions on wasteful things so President Trump wants to get all to pay their fair share.