Who had the best handshake with Putin? Trump or Obama?

The internet is on fire this morning with images of President Trump shaking hands with Russia’s Putin.

Earlier today a photographer captured the moment and added it to a short clip. Just about every major news agency is using the footage.

Here is Obama shaking hands with the Russian leader about three years ago. Notice any difference?

Who do you think represents the United States better? (As if I have to ask.)


9 Comments on "Who had the best handshake with Putin? Trump or Obama?"

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Definitely President Trump had a better handshake!!

He did so Great!!

It shows that Putin doesn’t like to shake hands with Obama for good reasons because he doesn’t like sleazy people.

Russions have a strong dislike for homos.

Putin doesn’t respect a so called leader that is a traitor to their own country…Putin looks like he wants to hit him

He definitely did Not like Obumma!
Obumma was a Wussy and a Traitor for sure.

BO may have forgotten what Valerie Jarrett had taught him regarding manhood..

This is a stupid headline/question. Please!

Putin looks like he doesn’t even want to touch Obama’s hand. I guess he can smell a muslim rat. He’s been dealing with muslim terrorism in Georgia, russia

Putin knows that O uses his hand instead of TP to wipe his ash, like all good Muslims do.