[WATCH] Fox News Put The Washington “Hurt” On Deranged Democrats – LOL!

The Democrats in Congress will stop at nothing to take down President Trump. At first, it was Russia. Russia this and Russia that. Now they want everyone to believe that Donald Trump is crazy!

I guess we are all supposed to forget about Russia now and move to the next new crazy things the Democrats want to try.

Now they want everyone to believe that Donald Trump is crazy! Not Crazy like a Fox, just plain crazy! LOL

Fox Business invited Charles Hurt, from the Washington Times to comment on the new idea, he said:

“I think that it’s just part of this Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome…

…People are sick and tired of these people (referring to Democratic Congressmen)”

“I think that it’s just part of this Donald Trump derangement syndrome.”Charlie Hurt, of the Washington Times, said he is in disbelief that Democrats are calling for a bill to test President Trump’s "mental fitness." Do you agree with Charlie Hurt? http://fxn.ws/2smyoIe

Posted by Fox Business on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Are you one of those Americans that are “sick and tired of these people?” If so, let’s put the Hurt on those crazy congressmen by SHARING this everywhere!


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I was a registered Democrat. But the embarrassment of this last election has made me sick and disgusted. I think Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi along with Chuck Shumer need their heads examined. Here they are saying is having things to do with Russia. The problem is they have Russia in their pocket.They are about to get caught and they are now desperate and pulling every string they can.

They are so intent on bringing down Donald Trump as soon as they can because the communist/democratic/Nazi inspired party have had free reign for 8 years corrupting, imbezzling, and underminding our government and they are now scared shitless that what they have done to our country is going to be found out and they are going to be prosecuted for their treasonous and corrupt actions. As it is, every day there are more and more corrupt democrats that are being investigated and found to have broken the law and are now being prosecuted for their evil deeds. There are more… Read more »
They know that Americans, well those who are sane, love America and are in the majority, are fed up with the Washington establishment destroying our lives, liberty and happiness. They just don’t care about us, don’t want to get to know us and just want to keep us in the dark long enough to where we can’t stop them from tearing apart America. That is what they are worried about. That enough people, who aren’t the insane mindless idiots who support them, have woken up, aren’t going to take it anymore and managed to get someone in as president who… Read more »

This is a consummate collections of corrupt and Democratic Turds in Washington that are just a few of the reasons that Congress is such a sewage waste tank for all the degenerates and diseased pizzle in the Federal Government! Nothing but mental defectives and thieves stealing each and every day from the treasury!