This Little Fighter Just Gained A World Class Spokesman!

Charlie Gard, who was born in England with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, is pictured in this undated family photo. The baby's parent, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, have lost their legal battle to keep Charlie on life-support and seek treatment for his rare condition in the United States. (CNS photo/family handout, courtesy Featureworld) See ACADEMY-BABY-LIFE-SUPPORT June 29, 2017.

Charlie Gard is perhaps the most popular ten-month-old in modern history. He was recently the victim of a public healthcare system. The system is allowing Government-funded UK Doctors to override his parents’ wishes.

Apparently, in England, parents don’t have the final say, the Doctors do. Despite raising over 1.4 Million Euros to bring Charlie Gard to the United States for a treatment that could save his life, the high browed British nobility would rather pull the plug themselves.

A few hours ago a heavy hitter on the global stage weighed in for the little fighter.

President Donald Trump Tweeted:

Maybe the Monarch and their puppets in Parliment can learn a few things from President Trump?

One thing is for certain, this little fighter will go down in history, one way or another! There is no telling how many lives he might save, just by being the victim of a Government Healthcare System. His death sentence has already been signed by the UK legal system, but that doesn’t mean he has to die in vain!

WE MUST NEVER FORGET CHARLIE! Thank you, President Trump, for raising awareness about this child’s treatment and his parents’ struggle. Help us make sure Charlie is always remembered┬áby sharing this!