Everyone Missed The Most Important Thing About This Moment – RTE News – President Donald J. Trump

Every time something happens involving President Trump the Media starts to churn. Pro-Trump media churns out positive headlines or ignores what happened. The Main Stream Media brings in their wordsmiths to eviscerate the President.

It is so predictable most Americans hardly notice. It happened again while President Trump was talking to the newly elected Taoiseach (aka Prime Minister) of Ireland. Within seconds of Trump’s comments, the Mainstream Media climbed their proverbial mountaintops and started slandering the President.

This time, Media outlets that generally support President Trump went silent. I thought to myself “How Sad, they missed it, oh well it’s my turn now ;-)”

Let’s take a look at the actual chain of events that happened in the Whitehouse. Then, if you will allow me, I will show you what EVERYONE MISSED!

The first thing you probably noticed is how this Youtube user decided to title their video…

This is the theme chosen by the Anti-Trump community of so-called “Journalists.” It is everywhere. Just do a quick Google Search of Trump Irish Reporter.

The room was filled with many others from Ireland. As she was leaving the room President Trump summoned her over and asked where she was from. She explained that she was from RTE news in Ireland.

President told the newly elected Prime Minister of Ireland that she:

“has a nice smile on her face, so, I bet she treats you well.”

Most people probably didn’t even notice that she was leaving the room. People in the United States probably don’t realize that RTE News has been impartial toward President Trump.

These two things come together to make it very clear that President Trump is very much aware of the real journalists in the room. He singled out the RTE reporter. He then made the comment “I bet she treats you well.”

In fact, RTE News does treat the new Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, very well. A quick look at their site and you see impartial journalism. Not a single Media outlet pointed out these two facts:

  1. President Trump was describing the situation in the room to the new Prime Minister when he made his comments.
  2. The New Prime Minister is GAY!

That’s right, the new Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, is GAY! Nearly every Main Stream Media article online right now says or implies that Trump objectified this reporter to the new Prime Minister…

But WAIT! The Prime Minister is GAY, so how did Trump objectify a female reporter to a Gay Man? He didn’t! It is clear to me that President Trump was careful to choose the RTE reporter for his moment, and he was also careful to choose a woman so he couldn’t be accused of objectifying a male reporter to the new Gay Prime Minister!

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So, this is the headline news I heard this morning being discussed in the liberal radio here in the most liberal country in the world, New Zealand. Even reiterated how addicted they are to Trump topics. The host asked a girl guest her opinion, she said it’s creepy..Wow! liberal dirty-minds. Pres Trump is a very complimentary person, can’t even express his appreciation without being interpreted as creepy? I heard he compliments everyone all the time for their efforts, , and accomplishments.

I have so much respect for President Trump. I am so glad he is our leader!!

The smile on that lady’s face was a smile of respect for our President, and he responded in kind with a respectful comment about her kind and friendly smile. No sexual inuendo shown by either party. Where has respect and dignity gone in the media, they truly are junk yard dogs.