Globalists React To Trump Travel Ban Victory

Days after President Trump took office he signed an Executive Order restricting immigrations and travel. His Executive Order singled out several countries currently ravaged by Radical Islamic Terrorism. It didn’t take long for the Globalists to file several lawsuits; an effort which President Trump called “Judge Shopping.”

Trump also accurately pointed out the rate at which the Supreme Court of the United States overturns the Ninth Circuit. The Globalist Liberal leaning site Politifact labeled President Trump’s claims of “close to 80%” as half true BUT, further inspection reveals the facts. Politifact admitted:

“The 9th Circuit’s reversal rate is higher than average, but it’s not the absolute highest among the circuit courts. That distinction goes to the 6th Circuit, which serves Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee, with an 87 percent average between 2010-15. The 9th Circuit placed third.”

Politifact justifies their deception by saying the following:

“An overturned record can be calculated in at least two ways. By one measure, Trump’s tweet is correct if examining only cases reviewed by the Supreme Court. But by factoring in cases reversed over the total number of cases ruled by the circuit court, then the percentage is significantly smaller, far less than 1 percent.”

In other words, Politifact invented a new way to determine an overturn rate just so they could call Trump’s Tweet “half true.”

On June 26, 2017, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump Administration by overruling the lower courts’ injunction against the Administration. This means the Executive Order can now go into effect. Several parts of the Executive Order are already in effect. The most important travel restrictions, for countries who cannot properly vet people, will go into effect almost immediately.

The Whitehouse issued a formal statement from President Trump. In the statement the President says:

“I cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm.”

The SCOTUS ruling allows the Trump Administration to begin protecting the United States from immigration that could invite terrorist to attempt to slip through the cracks. It may create some administrative challenges for the immigration bureaucracy, as noted by Breitbart, but the most important elements remain intact.

The Globalists

The Globalist Mainstream Media widely ignored the victory. Opting instead to call the UNANIMOUS decision a “partial victory.” While others like the National Review said “The Supreme Court Order Is Not Much of a Victory for Trump”

The titles which demonize President Trump or minimize the size of his victory are too numerous to count. It seems the Globalist Propaganda Machine is completely unwilling to call a win, simply a win. A lot like Politifact invented a new way to calculate an “overturn rate,” the rest of the Globalist Mainstream Media is inventing new ways to ignore Trump’s massive victory.

They all seem intent to attack Trump no matter what he accomplishes. President Trump was unfazed by the media lies. He sent a simple Thank You to the Supreme Court:

I can’t say I ever recall any modern President being “grateful” to the Supreme Court.  Based on recent polls most Americans are just grateful to have a President who wants to:

“keep America SAFE!”

Are you one of those Americans who supports President Trump’s efforts to keep America safe?

If so, PLEASE SHARE THIS! It is the only way people see the truth. The Mainstream Media won’t stop attacking the 60 million Americans who voted for Trump. We have to stick together, that means SHARING the GOOD NEWS about President Trump every chance we get! PLEASE SHARE.


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So glad to hear some courts still do believe in the Constitution. So sad when party politics put the safety of the nation at risk. One small victory for President Trump, but one large victory for Americans.

Seems to me the information age is fast devolving into the disinformation age., judging from certain MSM. Go, President Trump!

Thank you Jesus for the stopping of Immigration Mr. Trump you are the best President we have had in many years. One whom loves this country and the Lord. Thank you for all your doing. God Bless

Thank You, LORD, for enabling The Trump Immigration Pause to go through!