CNN Ran And Hid Once They Saw Them Coming!

High noon on a hot June day and CNN was confronted on their own turf. But, no one from CNN was willing to come outside, not even a camera crew…

A group of protesters began setting up to protest “Fake News” at around 9:00 o’clock the morning of Saturday, June 18. On the steps of CNN’s National Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, the crowd reached nearly three hundred by noon.

The only Main Stream Media to cover the event was the local Fox affiliate. Fox 5 News of Atlanta, Georgia reported that organizers told them:

“This is the beginning of a new movement,” said the organizer of the protest. “We the people are rising up and we are saying enough, and we are prepared to meet the left on the streets if necessary to fight for our President. Can you imagine what would have happened, and the outcry, if the Tea Party activist behaved like we are seeing many of the radical left behaving.”

Tensions between Americans who see CNN and others as “Fake News” are on the rise. Protesters say the recent shooting of several people including a US Congressman Scalise by a Left-Wing Extremist has added to their frustration. They are careful to call their activism a “movement” and not a revolution.

One demonstrator who spoke with me by phone tell me that he believes:

“CNN is responsible for the bloodshed at the ballpark, they are radicalizing already unstable Left-Wing Extremists”

I spoke with another protester by phone who told me:

“We do not want bloodshed, violence, or even a deeper division between Liberals and Conservatives. We want unity, we want people to realize that CNN and so many others are misleading millions of Americans.

Many Americans were stunned to see the videos of CNN recently faking a protest. What is more stunning is the fact that CNN didn’t even send down a camera crew to capture a real protest on their front steps…

CNN did not publish any stories on their website about the protest on Saturday. We collected a few Social Media posts of the event for you to review:

We contacted CNN for comment. At the time of our publication, CNN had not yet responded to our request.

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I praise God for the redemption of our Democratic Republic! It is NOT strictly a Democracy, but a Democratic Republic! And, I praise God for our President … a man chosen and redeemed by God for the purpose of leading our nation back to what the Founders desired! God bless America!

the liberals are organized by Obama

That is great ! Commie News Network needs to get their up n comings.