What This College Did To The Mother Of A Disabled Son Will Bring You To Tears!

Judy-OConner - Source: Twitter
Judy-OConner - Source: Twitter

I watch my wonderful wife of twenty-two years pour herself into our children. I know it’s hard work. Sometimes it takes a lot out of her. Our children are healthy and able to do for themselves.

Marty O’Conner was seriously injured in 2012 after he fell down a flight of stairs. He had earned his bachelor’s degree two years earlier according to Chapman University’s blog.

His mother, Judy O’Conner was confronted with a new challenge. Her son is disabled and unable to use his arms or legs. He is a quadriplegic. Apparently, when this young man decided he wanted to go back to college for a Masters degree, his mom didn’t complain she packed up and said let’s do it, moving from Florida to California, to help her son!

Something amazing happened at his graduation…

KLTA News reported:

Judy O’Connor attended every class with 29-year-old Marty O’Connor, taking notes for him as he worked toward his master’s of business administration degree at Chapman University.

Shortly after pushing Marty in his wheelchair across the stage, Judy was called out as a “special individual.” The crowd cheered.

The retired school teacher was awarded an honorary degree by Chapman University.

You can hear the announcer get a little choked up about the announcement. Inside Edition put together an excellent video about the event.

I don’t know about you, but writing this story had me in tears. This is the kind of news I like to see! So, be sure to share it, it will almost certainly warm someone else’s day!


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Thank and praise God that this son has such a wonderful mother and for this to have such wonderful outcome. AMEN.

What a loving dotting mother .. Congratulations on the well deserved degree.

it warms my heart to see there is still compassion in this world when so much evil is here.

Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

She most definitely deserves the honor!

Wow, just wow, so wonderful, such dedication and love!

It is so great to hear a heart warming story in today’s news – – it’s been so horrific lately . . . God bless this family and keep them strong.