[WATCH] PROOF: ABC Canceled “Last Man Standing” To Attack Trump Supporters.

Tim Allen has always been popular. A talented comedian and outspoken Republican, his Comedy show “Last Man Standing” has crushed ratings for six straight years. To the shock and surprise of loyal fans, his show was canceled a few days ago.

Supporters of his show and his politics quickly came to the show’s defense. A Change.Org petition was started asking ABC to keep the show. Shortly after, sources told Nation One News that Fox was negotiating to find a spot for the show. Two days later the show’s leadership broke their silence in an exclusive with Variety confirming that they were indeed looking for a new home.

Fortunately, for fans, the show is owned by 20th Century Fox, a subsidiary of Fox. This means the show can be moved to another network or streaming service.

In the face of growing outrage from Conservative ABC viewers, ABC tried to defend the decision saying it wasn’t about politics. According to the Washington Post, Channing Dungey, the Entertainment Group President said:

“There’s a lot of news, and I think that people are definitely looking to television as a place they want to feel, they want to laugh, they want to cry … the mood of the country has told us that television is a little bit of an escape… …What people want to do now is connect and experience and to feel … that did frame a lot of our development thinking this season.”

So, that is the end of story right? No, Not so fast!

The Mainstream Media did not report what Channing Dungey’s said a few months ago. In December 2016, before the inauguration, Channing Dungey reportedly said she was rethinking programming after the Trump victory.

This was less than six months ago. We reached out to ABC for a comment, so far we have received no response from ABC.

At the conference she said:

“…the channel has not paid enough attention to some of the true realities of what life is like for everyday Americans”

She seemed to imply that Trump would not have won if ABC had better control of what “everyday” Americans think.

After what was said in December do you think the decision to cancel Last Man Standing was political? Tell us what you think, and then help us SHARE the truth.


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Political. More bullying from the open-minded, liberal/left. Agree or pay the consequences.

I don’t watch TV, ugh, but I have been watching this show via Netflix. It is the “Archy Bunker” of the 21 century on steroids. Not only is it funny but I had visions of liberal’s head exploding. I do not understand the liberals concern (/sarc) since they proclaim they are the majority and therefore their shows (liberal) should be number one, ohh, LMS is number one, must be more of those dastardly deplorable s out there than they thought, (Note: liberals/thoughts is an oxymoron). Sorry have to go now as my diesel pickup is double parked in a liberal… Read more »
It is a sad day in America when people get so caught up in their own personal thinking that they will not look at the whole picture. A comedy show that makes many smile, laugh, and takes away the stress of a day of work, is now a-political because someones feelings were hurt or they cannot see or understand that many other people get entertainment from a comedy show. How selfish and self-centered these people are that they will work to rob people of good clean entertainment. All they need to do is change channel to find what suits them.

Had they controlled what we “everyday” Americans think!? WTH!!! You will never control my thinking! Just like your news, all the news that’s fit to print, except the truth.

Once again someone telling US what WE need or dont need.

I have taken ABC off my list of channels. So as I surf through the channels, ABC doesn’t show up. Even the shows I used to watch don’t show up. Good Bye ABC. That was one under handed Liberal act.

screw ABC . Keep knocking your ratings down and see where you end up.